Project details

An award winning BMS Digital Campaign

Duration: 17 months (1.10.2021 – 28.2.2023)

Activities: Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, Google advertising

Unleashing the Power of Content Marketing for Smart Infrastructure

The Challenge: Smart Infrastructure and BMS Systems

We were faced with the challenge of promoting SMART INFRASTRUCTURE, specifically BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (BMS), in a relatively small market. BMS systems were intricate and strategically crucial but largely unknown to a wider audience. Our task was to break free from traditional communication channels and find innovative ways to introduce BMS systems to the market.

The Solution: A Trailblazing Content Marketing Strategy

To tackle this challenge, we proposed a bold strategy centered on CONTENT MARKETING. Our approach involved creating SEO-optimized blog articles, compelling social media content, engaging videos, and targeted advertising campaigns.

Implementation: Content that Translates Complexity into Understanding

We diligently crafted 32 SEO-optimized articles, showcasing the importance of BMS systems and highlighting SIEMENS’ innovative solutions.

Additionally, we initiated the creation of videos showcasing successful projects with SIEMENS’ BMS systems and developed four unique scenarios for them. The content was filmed by SIEMENS Bulgaria’s team with the assistance and participation of their partners and clients. Parallel to the videos, we created articles based on interviews with clients and partners.

Social Media Amplification

Simultaneously, we strategically designed posting plans for Facebook and LinkedIn, enabling us to engage with our target audience on these platforms. Despite LinkedIn’s constraints, we explored alternative methods to reach a broader audience.

Precision Advertising on Facebook and Google

In a market where BMS systems were not widely recognized, our mastery of Facebook Ads and Google Ads proved pivotal. We generated interest in BMS solutions, promoted SIEMENS’ offerings, and directed traffic to the new SIEMENS Bulgaria blog. These efforts significantly enhanced brand recognition in the building management and infrastructure domains.

Results: A Resounding Success

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Our compelling content resonated with the target audience, leading to an extraordinary average CTR of 2.62%, reaching 8% in some articles. This translated to over 73,000 potential clients engaging with our content during the campaign period. The impact was even more pronounced on Google Ads, where relevant traffic flourished.

Success Recognized: Siemens Superheroes 2022 Award

Our exceptional BMS campaign earned us the prestigious Siemens Superheroes 2022 award in the Growth Mindset category. This esteemed accolade acknowledged our innovative approach and the campaign’s unrivaled distinction within the SIEMENS regional structure.

Conclusion: Revolutionizing Smart Infrastructure with Digilab

The successful collaboration between SIEMENS Bulgaria and Digilab paved the way for SMART INFRASTRUCTURE to reach new heights. By leveraging content marketing and digital prowess, we effectively introduced BMS systems to a broader audience, changing the landscape of the market. The campaign’s triumph showcased the power of innovation and strategic partnership, reinforcing Digilab’s commitment to delivering exceptional results and inspiring progress within the digital marketing realm.

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