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Driving Unprecedented Growth for

Duration: 17 months (1.07.2021 – 30.11.2022)

Activities: Social Media Marketing, Performance Marketing

Case Study: Driving Unprecedented Growth for through Data-Driven Strategies by Alexandra Ruseva, CEO of Digilab

Client Background:, an online supermarket based in Sofia, Bulgaria, offers food and goods delivery services to customers in the city and its surrounding areas. The collaboration with Digilab commenced in July 2021, during a time when online food delivery services experienced significant growth post-pandemic.

Project Goals: sought the expertise of Alexandra Ruseva and her team at Digilab to achieve specific objectives:

  • Increase online orders and revenue to establish as a prominent player in the competitive online market.
  • Enhance the website’s conversion rate and customer engagement to create a loyal customer base.

Challenges Faced:

The project faced several challenges:

Dominant Competitor: operated in a relatively small market dominated by an established competitor, necessitating innovative strategies to gain a competitive edge.

Brand Recognition: Establishing brand identity and recognition amidst stiff competition was crucial for customer acquisition and loyalty.

Market Penetration: Penetrating the market with a unique selling proposition required targeted marketing to attract potential customers.

Strategies Implemented:

Alexandra Ruseva and her team at Digilab employed a multi-faceted approach, leveraging data-driven strategies and creative marketing techniques to achieve the project goals:

  1. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Viber Ads: Targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google Search and Display, and Viber were meticulously crafted to reach the right audience at the right time.
  2. SEO Optimized Content: Over 100 SEO optimized texts and articles were created for the website, enhancing organic traffic and search engine rankings.
  3. Social Media Posting Plans: Carefully curated Facebook and Instagram posting plans engaged the audience, showcasing products, promotions, and brand personality.
  4. Data-Driven Reports: Weekly and monthly detailed reports were provided to the client, offering insights into campaign performance and suggesting optimizations.

Campaign Execution:

The campaigns were executed with precision, guided by data analysis and strategic planning. Continuous monitoring allowed for timely adjustments to maximize performance.

Results Achieved:

The collaboration between and Alexandra Ruseva’s team at Digilab yielded remarkable results:

Revenue Increase: Over the course of the 17-month partnership, experienced an astounding 10x increase in revenue, reflecting the success of the growth-oriented strategies.

Conversion Rate Enhancement: The conversion rate was doubled across the campaign period, with some months witnessing a remarkable threefold increase, showcasing the effectiveness of the targeted efforts.


The collaboration between and Alexandra Ruseva, CEO of Digilab, exemplifies how data-driven strategies and innovative marketing can revolutionize the online presence of a business. By leveraging Facebook ads, Google ads, Viber ads, SEO-optimized content, and social media posting plans, Alexandra Ruseva’s team at Digilab achieved remarkable growth for, positioning it as a leading player in the competitive online market.

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