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Duration: 5 years and counting (1.07.2018 – ongoing)

Activities: Social Media Marketing, Facebook advertising

A Five-Year Collaboration Driving Digital Excellence

At Digilab, we understand that every collaboration is an opportunity to make a lasting impact. Our partnership with a prominent non-bank financial institution over the past five years exemplifies the dedication and expertise that define our approach to digital marketing.

A Journey of Progress: A Trusted Partnership

For half a decade, we have had the privilege of joining forces with a valued client in the non-bank financial sector. Our journey began with a single brand in Bulgaria, and together, we expanded to embrace multiple brands across diverse markets, including Macedonia, Romania, Bosnia, and Spain.

From CITYCASH to CreDirect, and from FinStart to FlexCredit Macedonia and ZemiPari, our collaboration has been marked by a mutual commitment to excellence. With each brand, we tailored our strategies to capture the unique essence of their offerings and connect with their target audiences effectively.

Enabling Expansion: Bridging Markets

As our partnership evolved, we ventured beyond borders to facilitate the institution’s expansion into new markets. This expansion was made possible by our team’s dedication to understanding local dynamics, preferences, and trends. By optimizing content for Facebook and Instagram, along with strategically crafted ads to encourage loan applications, we contributed to the success of each brand in its respective market.

Strategic Synergy: Achieving Results Together

Our collaborative approach has been the cornerstone of our success. Regular communication, data-driven insights, and informed decision-making have allowed us to fine-tune our strategies for maximum impact. This partnership has proven that true success comes from aligning our goals and driving toward common objectives.

Looking Ahead: A Continuing Legacy

The case study you are reading is more than just a documentation of results; it’s a testament to the enduring partnership between Digilab and our esteemed client. We extend our appreciation for the trust they’ve placed in our expertise, and we look forward to further successes as we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing together.

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